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Here you will find all the support, information and resources you need to understand how your back payment will affect your tax position.

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Your Tax Planning Journey


What's it all about?

Watch our welcome video to find out what it is all about. (1:18mins).
Super Retail Group is providing support to retail management and store set-up team members by offering free professional tax planning advice. Under the SRG remediation program, YOUtax have been engaged to provide clarity and advice surrounding the tax consequences of your recent lump sum payment.

Meet & Greet

Let’s get to know you! We have designed these meet and greet questions to understand you and your needs. This forms allows us to securely gather your personal information and ask some relevant yes/no questions. Please complete the form in one sitting as your data is not stored until the form is submitted. Rather chat in person? Please contact our hotline and our team will personally ask the relevant questions. Estimated time to complete is 3-5 mins.

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The Compliance Stuff

The plain english version… we are required to send you a proposal otherwise known as a letter of engagement before we provide you with taxation services. This proposal will outline the service/s we are going to provide you. Team members who have received a back payment greater than $1,000 (gross) can access the YOUtax (a provider engaged by SRG) customer support hub and a complimentary tax plan and one meeting with a YOUtax adviser. Other taxation services outside of the SRG Tax Planning service will be at your expense. Don’t forget to read the T & C’s which is always riveting and in the legal jargon version. Please note our privacy rules inhibit us from informing SRG of the services you accept and any personal or financial details can not be disclosed to SRG. We use third party services to collect your information e.g. the meet and greet form. They use pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data where applicable. Expect your proposal in 1-2 business days via email. You will need to accept our services before we proceed. Phew, the boring bit is over…

Task time 30s to accept. T & C’s 5mins.

Your Bit

Based on your answers in our meet and greet, a checklist will be design for you so we can collect the information required to create your personalised tax plan.
This will be emailed with upload instructions. Not tech savvy? Don’t fret….we have made it super easy for you! Remember our team are here to help every step of the way.

Our Bit!

Let us do our bit! Your YOUtax agent will begin assessing your information to project you or your families income to the EOFY and calculate your tax position. A compliance review will be undertaken and tax minimising options will be researched for your personal circumstance. This will ensure there are no surprises at tax time giving you time to act.
This may take up to 5-10 working days from when your information is received.

YOUtax Wealth Hub

As an honorary YOUtaxer you receive the same super cool features and benefits as our YOUtax clients, including free access to our YOUtax Wealth Hub. The YOUtax Wealth Hub is the latest innovation in financial technology. Every YOUtaxer has access to their very own digital tax filing cabinet. Storing receipts and documents securely in the cloud has never been simpler. Track your motor vehicle kms on your phone. Receive a free one-off valuation of your home and car and make tax time a breeze with the mytax assist tool.

Plan Presentation

We will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your plan presentation. Over telephone or video chat your YOUtax agent will present, explain and advise you of your tax position and how to possibly minimise your tax before EOFY ticks over. In this time you can ask your tax advisor all burning tax questions.
To finalise you will be required to digitally sign your tax plan through the YOUtax Wealth Hub.

Why do I need tax planning advice?

Current Australian tax legislation states lump sum payment plus interest must be assessed for tax purposes in the year they are paid, i.e. the 2020 financial year. The payments unfortunately cannot be amended against prior years income even if it it related a previous financial period/year.

Your lump sum payment and additional interest may affect your tax and financial circumstances in the following ways…

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  • You may be pushed into a higher tax bracket and tax planning gives you the insight to prepare and make clear financial decisions.
  • If you receive family tax benefit this may affect how much you are entitled to in the 2020 financial year. An incorrect estimate to Centrelink may result having to pay back family assistance.
  • The newly introduced child care subsidy may be adjusted due to a change in your taxable income.
  • For team members with a HECS Debt, this may affect your compulsory repayment amounts.
  • Your superannuation payments may be assessed to ensure they are in line with current superannuation legislation.
  • Your family income may need to be assessed against Medicare Levy surcharge thresholds.
  • Under certain circumstances your spouse’s income may also be assessed in cases where combined incomes are assessed for example Centrelink, Child care and Medicare.

Am I eligible for free tax planning advice?

Under the SRG remediation program, tax planning support is offered to retail management and store set-up team members who have received a lump sum payment including interest, of $1000 or more.

I’m eligible! What will YOUtax do for me?

YOUtax advisors will provide a tax plan that is unique to YOU.

All advice is unique to your individual or family circumstances up until the 30 June 2020.  

Our advice will be in accordance with Australian Taxation Law and will account for any newly introduced tax legislation.

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Your YOUtax advisor will:

  • Assess and project your salary, bonuses, compensation payment, interest and other income for the 2020 Financial Year.
  • Estimate and account for any applicable employment or other deductions.
  • Account for any investments and their tax effect.
  • Calculate any effects to offsets and rebates.
  • Advise of any effects to Medicare Levy, Medicare Levy surcharge and private health government rebates.
  • The effects to any Family Assistance, Childcare Subsidy and Centrelink calculations
  • Based on the estimates and information provided we will calculate your payable or refundable tax position.
  • Your YOUtax adviser will meet with you through telephone or video chat to present and explain your tax plan.
  • Where applicable we will provide you with a tax minimisation strategy you may choose to adopt. Please note: the implementation of any tax minimisation strategies that incur an  expense will be at the cost of the individual team member.
  • You will be provided with a printed copy of your tax plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be kept informed?

We will keep you informed every step of the way through SMS / text alerts.  This allows us to prompt you for next steps and also informs you of the what stage your tax plan is at.

e.g. Thanks for providing all your tax information.  Your service has now progressed to our processing team.  Our current processing time is 5 business days.

Do I need to pay anything?

Your tax planning service will be paid for by Super Retail Group Ltd.  This service allows you to have transparency of your finances before the end of the financial year.

This does not include any tax lodgement services.  If your tax is currently outstanding or you would like YOUtax to prepare and lodge your 2019 Income Tax Return it will be at your own expense.

As a SRG employee you receive the Perks discount of 20% on basic services. COUPON CODE: SRGTAX

For a list of our fixed fee pricing click HERE

Do not hesitate to contact your YOUtax team with any questions.

Can I book my tax planning session after hours so my partner can attend?

Yes, we can schedule after hours tax plan presentations. Our business hours are 9am- 9pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am-6pm Fridays, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

When do I get to meet my YOUtax agent?

In most cases you will meet your YOUtax agent during your plan presentation.  However, should you have any concerns please feel free to contact our SRG Hotline on 07 5301 9217, option 2, and we will check on their availability for a chat.

We love to meet our clients! Our video tax plan presentations means you get to see and meet your tax agent over Zoom.  No matter what state you are in, we will become your fave tax buddy.

Worried about your hair or being caught in your pyjamas? Not to worry we can still meet over the telephone.

We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD.  Why not pop your head in and say hi on your next Sunny Coast holiday.

What is a letter of engagement?

A letter of engagement, or proposal as it is sometimes called in legal terms, is the contract we engage in.  Simply, it states what we will do for you and what you need to pay us. In this case, your SRG Tax Planning will not cost you anything as SRG will pick up the bill. The plain english version is… we are required to send you a proposal / letter of engagement before we can provide you with taxation services. Other taxation services outside of the SRG Tax Planning service will be on a separate engagement and at your expense.

It will provide you with all the legal jargon on our terms of service and our privacy policy.
Please note our privacy rules inhibit us from informing SRG of the services you accept and any personal or financial information.

We use third party services to collect your information e.g. the Meet & Greet form. They use pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data is used where applicable.

Phew, the boring bit is over…

Have anymore questions? Please contact your YOUtax team on 07 5301 9217, option 2

If I don't have to pay why do I have to sign?

You must sign your letter of engagement as this is you giving us consent to review, process and advise you on the services outlined in the summary of services.  It also notes your consent as to the way we process and store your data.

We are constantly upgrading our security to ensure we keep your information secure.

Do you share my personal information with SRG?

YOUtax respects your privacy and is committed to handling your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

We are also bound by the privacy rules under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA) and our tax services will be conducted in accordance with the relevant professional and ethical standards issued by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board Limited (APESB) and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Our privacy rules inhibit us from informing SRG of the services you accept and any personal or financial information.

We cannot disclose any of your personal or financial data to a 3rd party without your verbal or written consent.

I'm not tech savvy, what do I do?

No problem, give Kayte or our support team a call on the SRG Hotline number 07 5301 9217, option 2, and we’ll go through the sign up process with you.

What is the process?

First step is to fill out the Meet & Greet Form on the SRG Tax Hub webpage, so we can get to know you.

Then, we will send you a Letter of Engagement which you need to sign (for compliance reasons) as well as information checklists, based on your answers on the Meet & Greet Form.

Next, we will process your information and complete your tax planning.

When it’s done, we will contact you via email with a link where you can choose an appointment time that suits YOU for your presentation meeting.

What if I don't access to a computer?

No problem, give Kayte or our support team a call on the SRG Hotline number 07 5301 9217, option 2, and we’ll go through the sign up process with you.

How do I download the YOUtax Wealth Hub?

You can download your YOUtax Wealth Hub from Google Play store if you are on android or windows, or from the Apple App Store if you are on an Iphone or Mac.

I can't find my checklist to upload my financial information?

Here are all of the checklists – make sure you complete all that are applicable to your situation:


Income – Spouse

General Deductions

General Deductions – Spouse

Rental – 1 Only

Rental – 2 or More

Business Income & Expenses