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Providing Financial Wellbeing
Services to Corporate Employees

Employee Benefit Schemes can create a progressive culture within organisations. They are also an impressive way to attract, retain and engage your employees.

By supporting your team members with our YOUtax services you can eliminate the annual burden and stress of tax time and create more free time for your team members.

YOUtax offer discounts directly to your employees and their families.  We provide the most convenient tax agent service without leaving your office or home.

Our Offer


All corporate partner team members and their families receive YOUtax discounts.

Corporate Days

YOUtax will travel to your corporate company offices for a dedicated Corporate Day. These popular days means you never have to travel to a tax agent again.

Our Favourite Features


YOUtax will adopt any process that will save you time, stress and provide flexibility at tax time.  Our digital platform means you can meet your tax agent at your home or office. YOU can book and reschedule appointments at your leisure, check and sign your tax returns of the go and always be kept up to date on your jobs progress.  Here are a few of our fave features to provide simple convenience for YOU.

Easy Online Booking Schedule to Meet your Tax Agent

Simply choose a time that is convenient for YOU. Provide your basic details and our tax agents will prepare for your meeting.

Telephone and Video Chat Appointments from Home or Office

We love meeting our clients! We provide the most convenient solution to meeting your experienced tax agent.

SMS Progress Alerts & Digital Signing

Keeping you informed on the go.

You will be kept up to date with your jobs progress through SMS alerts. Our digital signing feature means you can check and sign your tax return from any device.

What YOUtax Customers have to Say

Emma was great in facilitating my tax return and has a lot of experience and knowledge to ensure that I got the most out of my return. She made the process easy, stress free and was professional and friendly to deal with.

Matt Adlam

Engaging Emma from YOUtax really worked for us.  Being able to organise a time outside of the normal work / life schedule was a real plus. What’s been pleasantly surprising since the appointment has been Emma’s continued help, follow up, advice and support. Emma’s professional knowledge has shone through and reassured us even more that we have connected with the right person for the future.

Justin & Nicole Turner

Emma made a usually painful experience, seem like an afternoon walk with the dog. She knew exactly which questions to ask, what information I needed to gather and how to best submit my return for a maximum, above board refund. Emma’s expertise and YOUtax electronic system, ensured that my tax was completed and refunded within 1 month.

Sally Pierterse

It is a pleasure working with Emma from YOUtax: her availability, her prompt answers as well as relevant advises have made her a great support for our family. We have built a strong relationship based on trust and confidence. Emma has also supported us a delicate matter and found the solution for us.

We would recommend her to anyone looking for a good advisor!

Sophie Goujon-Nicolas

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