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YOUtax is a new start-up company in the tax preparation service industry.

We seek to re-invent best practices in business through innovation, collaboration and growth. Do not expect a traditional office here, we have no cubicles. Our democratic workplace promotes autonomy within your role and seeks to inspire you to work for a career or purpose rather than a job. Whether you join our team for the long haul or to gain the knowledge and skill you require to advance your career, we want to see you grow beyond your comfort zone, just as we grow beyond our comfort zone.

We understand the challenges some face with pursuing a career and study or raising a family so by adopting one of our values Family First Yours and Ours we implemented a ‘use your own office’ model to support our staff. This allows some of our staff to work flexible hours from home without the commute to an office. You will not be limited by your geographical location or set to 9-5 business hours.

We value professional and personal development and believe continued learning and education is a vital part of this process. We have adopted a Me Time policy, whereby some of your time can be applied to training and development. Our company values represent our attitude that inspires and drives us to do things differently.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” color_scheme=”scheme1″ sp_top=”70″ sp_bottom=”80″ bg_type=”image” enable_parallax=”yes” bg_overlay=”yes” bg_overlay_color=”#3fc1cd” bg_overlay_opacity=”0.8″ background_color=”#f8f8f8″ bg_style=”stretch” background_image=”6131″ parallax_speed=”0.5″][vc_column][vc_heading title=”Happiness is Key!” type=”h2″ style=”style1″ align=”center” margin_bottom=”60″][vc_empty_space height=”18px”][vc_column_text]

We at YOUtax believe happiness is the new productivity, not only do we seek to make our clients happy, we also aim to create a culture where work should be fun and educational allowing us to learn, grow and unleash our potential.  We work hard to live the life we choose.

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Customer Service Officer who can also take on Administrative and Marketing tasks.

If you love making people happy and connecting with our customers then this might be the job for you.

We are looking for a happy, positive, genuine and dedicated person to represent our company.   Customer service is our number 1 priority.

Your responsibilities
  1. You will be providing a personalised experience while connecting with our clients via live chat, email and telephone.
  2. You will be explaining our taxation services, leading them through our website to the sign-up and payment process.
  3. You will use our workflow software package and flowing the necessary information to our tax processors.
  4. You will Manage and maintain confidential documents.
  5. You will manage and help create various support channels for our customers such as email, calls, blogs and social media.
  6. You will solve day-today customer concerns through various support channels.
  7. You will ensure our customers move through our service process easily and efficiently and are kept informed of their jobs status providing a transparent and up to date service.
  8. You will be responsible for updating our website, Facebook page and marketing campaigns.
What we require
  1. Accomplished communication skills.
  2. Technology savvy.
  3. Social media is your friend.
  4. Must be able to work independently.
  5. Be proactive in coming up with ideas and solutions that will improve customer service.
  6. Be willing to learn and grow in a challenging environment.
  7. Ability to prioritise workload and manage multiple tasks.
  8. Take initiative.
  9. You may need to complete tasks not listed in your job description.
  10. Prior customer service experience or exposure to taxation is valued but not essential.


Tax Processor

If you have knowledge and skill in individual tax processing, accounting, bookkeeping or are a student or graduate looking to advance your skills in taxation then this job may suit you. We are looking for a tax processor to process individual tax returns.

Exposure to taxation programs like Xero, Workflowmax, Handisoft, Reckon or other taxation packages are welcomed.

Your responsibilities:
  1. You will use our tax program within Workflowmax.
  2. You will dissect and process client data into the tax return.
  3. Account for all deductions applicable to the clients industry.
  4. You will participate in continued training and development on taxation matters.
  5. You will support clients with taxation questions through our support channels.
  6. You will be required research taxations rules and regulations applicable to the clients.
  7. You will Manage and maintain confidential documents.
  8. You will contribute to review the processes, templates and procedures.
What we require:
  1. Must work well independently with autonomy.
  2. Technology Savvy.
  3. Have attention to details and accuracy.
  4. Strong problem solving skills.
  5. Be proactive in coming up with ideas and solutions that will improve the processing procedures.
  6. Be willing to learn and grow in a challenging environment.
  7. Ability to prioritise workload and manage multiple tasks.
  8. Take initiative.
  9. You may need to complete tasks not listed in your job description.
  10. Be adaptable to the changing needs of the business.

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